Welcome to Celebrity Twitters, home of celebrities and famous people on Twitter. What is Twitter? Well, Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service where people go online and share their thoughts, photos, news or just to chat and gossip, these are commonly known as 'tweets' and it's become a massive worldwide hit and very popular with celebrities. Even though Twitter is so popular, it does have a few draw backs such as most people using 'nicknames' instead of their real names and people tweeting, re-tweeting and posting messages on their pages so in the end it's difficult to distinguish who is saying what and what the actual person you are following is writing and-as any Twitter user will tell you, this can become very, very confusing and frustrating and if you are following a celebrity on Twitter it becomes much worse due to the fact the celebrities' generally have a lot of followers and friends, that is why the site has been born and it's also for those whom aren't on Twitter.

Celebrity Twitters are live Twitter feeds of verified celebrities and famous people that use Twitter regularly. There you can see what celebs on our lists are saying on Twitter, as and when they say it, as it's live, without all the confusion as it only shows what they themselves write or want to share, such as photos etc... Making it very clear and much less stressful for those that want to stay up-to-date with their celeb gossip or want an insight of how the celebs lives are and what they do from day to day, where they go and so on.

To view a celebrities Twitter feed, just click on their name in the list on the left of the new page and it will come up, it will contain their live, recent tweets in their tweet box and a link to their Twitter page so you can read any older posts if you want to (Just click on that persons Twitter name inside their tweet box). All the people whom appear on this site we are happy are the real person, due to the fact that we only add people to our site if their account has been verified by Twitter themselves. How this works is, some people set up fake accounts on Twitter and pretend to be a celebrity or sports star for some reason, so Twitter set up a verified system to combat this where they add a verified badge to Twitter accounts that are proven to be real by the owner of the account, all meaning those that are marked verified are actually the account for that person and that person has proven it to Twitter, so it can't be faked and people can be confident that they are the real deal and if they don't get verified on Twitter, they won't appear on our site.

Sometimes Twitter goes down due to being over capacity which effects this site, but Twitter usually gets this resolved in seconds, so if the persons recent tweets do not appear, just refresh the page or try again later and if the problem persists, please contact us and we will swiftly address the issue. The site is constantly monitored and updated and we will add more names as they join, so check back regularly for new arrivals and if you have any problems with, or suggestions for the site, please contact us, we will respond to all email enquiries concerning the site within 24 hours. Thank you for visiting.

Admin - Celebrity Twitters